Monday, 18 August 2014

Latest Oil Prices & Energy News

Aug Crude Oil prices are opening higher. Negative diversion on daily chart will not let prices fall and there will be sharp recovery. Prices are expected to have intraday support at $96.0 i.e. Rs.5870-5875 and intraday buying can be seen there. On higher side prices will again face resistance at $97.5 i.e. Rs.5940-5950 and selling will emerge there.

Natural Gas prices could not break below Rs232.0 and bounced back sharply. Today prices are expected to have resistance at Rs.237.0-238.0 and selling can be seen there. Prices can retest Rs.232.0 and fresh selling can be seen only this for Rs.229.0. Prices should not move above Rs.240 to remain negative for the day.
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