Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Gold and Silver News Update in Commodity Market

Gold gained during much of last week though trimmed gains on last trading day. On a w/o/w comparison Gold Comex added 1.2% to $1292 per ounce. ECB announcement to add more stimulus was seen as a sign that the metal might get more flavour out of exceeding liquidity push wherein it managed to move past its psychological $1300 per ounce mark.

Silver futures for March expiry too gained during the week with commodity gaining over 3% to $18.30 per ounce and continuing to outperform the former metal consistently for past few weeks Silver commodity gained with its outperformance continuing despite the base metals complex largely fell for most of the week.

Silver fell along with gold with losses at Comex seen to the tune of 1.7% to $18 per ounce.

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